Wednesday, 24 October 2012


If you are looking for an elegant night out with your wife or girlfriend than Basilico restaurant is the place to go. They offer an exquisite menu with delicious varieties to choose from.

For appetizer I recommend that you start with the fried calamari, and steamed mussels in a spicy tomato sauce. The calamari is very delicious and crispy, and will have you satisfied in ways you couldn't imagine. The steamed mussels served in a spicy tomato sauce is also another delicious tasting dish. The muscles are always fresh and steamed to perfection and you will be satisfied.

 For dinner I recommend the linguini pasta served in a spicy tomato sauce topped with mussels, clams, and black pepper. This dish is extremely tasty and the portion is large so it will fill both you and your wife.

 For dessert try the tartufo, which is a delicious truffle filled with vanilla and chocolate ice cream topped with chocolate sauce. This dessert is an authentic Italian delight because it is made with real Italian ice cream and you will not want to stop.

The place is perfect for you and your loved one because the atmosphere is pleasant and quiet, and the place is elegant and romantic. This place is usually a place where you take your wife for a special occasion because it is a formal sit down, and the restaurant has expensive food and beverages. I guarantee that you will be pleased by the end of your experience, and you will return on another special occasion.

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