Thursday, 27 September 2012

Ricci's Pizzeria Oh So Good

Ricci's Pizzeria is one the best tasting restaurants located within the GTA. They offer a huge selection of delicious tasting food that will surely satisfy your craving. Feel like pasta? Pizza? Hot and cold sandwiches? or a nice salad? they have exactly what you're looking for. It will have you and your family coming back for more.

 Ricci's pasta has some of the best pasta's with the most delicious authentic Italian sauce. My personal favorite is the Gnocchi with rose sauce which I have all the time.It is round potatoe pasta that is topped with a creamy rose sauce and bacon bits. Don't feel like rose sauce, prefer a white cream instead? than Ricci's has just what you need. Imagine any pasta of your choice, topped with a creamy parmigiana sauce and chives on top. This will have you in awe, literally.

 Your more of a pizza person, I get it. Then you must try Ricci's oven stone pizza. This is literally one of the best tasting stone pizza's because they use top notch ingredients with a touch of love and care. They offer a variety of delicious topping from olives, and bacon to chicken and steak which are all must try's. The steak and olives is my personal favourite pizza that I get from Ricci's and I always walk out with a smile every single time.

 Don't feel like pizza or pasta? in the mood for a hot sandwich?. Than Ricci's veal, and chicken sandwiches will come to your rescue. Like It hot and spicy? try a hot veal sandwich from Ricci's and have all your favorite topping added. Prefer a chicken sandwich instead?. Than enjoy a nice chicken cutlet sandwich topped with mayo lettuce, and tomatoes or you can have it your way with tomato sauce and cheese. Feel like a nice succulent steak sandwich? then you must try Ricci's extra hot. This is a gigantic steak sandwich topped with cheese tomatoes sauce, and hot peppers that will burn your mouth to a crisp for all you spice lovers.  Come have a bite as Ricci's, I promise its a taste of heaven.