Thursday, 11 October 2012

East Side Mario's

If you are the kind of person who enjoys a place with low- moderate quality Italian food than East Side Mario's is the perfect place for you. I visited this place for the first time and I was not impressed at all with the service, quality or variety of food, and the atmosphere.

 East Side Mario's is a place that I will never return to again because the quality of the food, and variety are both low. I believe that East Side Mario's is a place for a family with children to go to because they don't really care about authentic Italian Cooking. I ordered the Calamari Fritti and the steamed mussels for appetizer and I was not impressed at all. The calamari was soggy and very heavily breaded, and the steamed mussels were very small in size, and the tomato sauce looked and tasted very watery. For my main course I ordered the four cheese ravioli and I was very un impressed. The pasta was cold and dry when it came, and the cheese looked like it was just thrown on without any special preparation.

 The service was horrible because the waiters/waitresses were very rude, and they ended up spilling a coke all over my brother. I was very disappointed as they did not compensate me for their mistakes and I ended up leaving very upset and unsatisfied. The atmosphere was too loud for my liking and it was very colorful which gave me a big headache. Over all I think East Side Mario's is a place that I will never personally return to because I was not impressed with anything, and I still had to pay the full amount even though they made numerous mistakes with the food, and service they delivered. I would highly recommend not going there with a girlfriend/boyfriend as the place is not romantic at all , and the atmosphere will bother you in many ways. I give this restaurant a low rating of 5 and I am being generous.

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